Miss Texas USA 2014 Winner Is… Miss Central Laredo

Miss Texas USA 2014 Winner Is… Miss Central Laredo

By: Waqas Syed September 1st, 2013 2:06 pm CST

Within a few hours from now we will know who the real winner is. But I think anyone who has been keeping up with the event has a winner in mind. In all fairness to the contestants, I have only seen the swimsuit & evening gown segments of the pageant so far.

But based on what I have seen so far; I predict Miss Central Laredo or Miss North Dallas to take home the crown.

Here are pictures of each contestant in their evening gowns; what do you think?

Miss North Dallas

Miss North Dallas

Miss Central Laredo 3

Miss Central Laredo












Luckily that mighty decision falls upon a panel of well qualified judges; and by all means they can keep the honor of that burden.

But if I had to pick between either of these two contestants, my vote would go to…

Miss North Dallas

Now I am off to the finale to see who is the real winner. Hopefully I don’t get slayed by the audience for not picking their favorite!

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[Updated 4:59 pm CST I was off by a hair. Miss Central Laredo has earned the Miss Texas USA 2014 crown. She carried her self with dignity, class and confidence.

She will represent Texas well and we look forward to seeing you in Miami for Miss USA.

I can say the crowd was not shocked, in fact the hall erupted in cheers!

I am so happy for her and wish her the best.


Waqas Syed

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