Jude Law urges WTO to defend European sign fur ban

Jude Law urges WTO to defend European sign fur anathema


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GENEVA, Switzerland – British actor Jude Law urged a World Trade Organization (WTO) over a weekend to say a European Union (EU) anathema on importing sign fur.

The Fur Institute of Canada has been lobbying a WTO to lift a ban, observant that too many seals are exhausting fish bonds and aboriginal incomes will be affected.

“I’m essay to titillate a row to defend this ban, that is in line with a wishes of merciful people all around a world, including a infancy of European citizens,” wrote Law in his minute to a WTO.

“Even internal view is turning, and a miss of markets has led Canadian officials to severely inspect either a massacre should end.”

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Law also pronounced that it was time for Canada to desert a sign hunt altogether and for a supervision to buy out a industry.

“The purpose of a WTO is to support fit markets, not supervision decisions to column adult failing industries like a sign slaughter,” Law pointed out.

“Rather than regulating a WTO to column adult a failing industry, Canada should pursue a buyout of a blurb sealing attention – a pierce that would assistance both seals and sealers. The universe is examination and watchful – greatfully defend a EU ban.” 



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