Houston father has a large problem with Victoria’s Secret


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Houston Belief blogger Evan Dolive has had an open letter he wrote to Victoria’s Secret on interest of his 3-year-old daughter go viral, receiving some-more than 10,000 page views on Facebook and over 2,800 comments.

In a minute he rails opposite their latest debate bid called “Bright Young Things” that includes underwear with things like “dare you,” feeling lucky” and “call me” created on them. He theorizes what his daughter will be like in 10 years and how these kinds of ads will impact her:

As a dad, this creates me sick.

I trust that this sends a wrong summary to not usually my daughter though to all immature girls.
I don’t wish my daughter to ever consider that her self-worth and acceptance by others is formed on a choice of her undergarments. we don’t wish my daughter to ever consider that to be renouned or even appealing she has to have emblazon difference on her bottom.

I wish my daughter (and each girl) to be faced with tough decisions in her infirm years of adolescence. Decisions like should we be a alloy or a lawyer? Should we take calculus as a youth or a senior? Do we wish to go to Texas AM or University of Texas or some Ivy League School? Should we lift recognition for worker trafficking or miss of H2O in building nations? There are many, many some-more questions that all immature women should be seeking themselves… not will a child (or girl) like me if we wear a “call me” thong?

A Facebook page was started to tell Victoria’s Secret to stop selling to immature girls and a change.org petition was started seeking them to lift a “Bright Young Things” campaign.

For a part, Victoria’s Secret has responded to a ad on Facebook clarifying that a selling is destined to college-age open breakers, not immature teens.

Victoria’s Secret PINK is a code for college-aged women. Despite new rumors, we have no skeleton to deliver a collection for younger women. “Bright Young Things” was a aphorism used in and with a college open mangle tradition.

As a mom of a lady we can’t assistance though empathise with Dolive. When my daughter was his daughter’s age a problem was shoes. we struggled to find boots but during slightest a small heel. They roughly don’t exist.

Now my daughter is a immature teen and we onslaught to find age-appropriate undergarments in her size. Girls find out all too shortly that as shortly as they grow a physique tools a selling to start sexualizing those physique tools heats up. And many frustratingly, there is roughly no alternative. Have we shopped for a bra for a lady with an A, B or even C crater distance lately? They are all padded and pushup. The ones that aren’t are few and distant between. I’m still looking. Parents, your opinions in a comments below:

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