MLB Rumors: St. Louis Cardinals Looking during Bud Norris?

Bud Norris Houston Astros

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With a fifth starter in a St. Louis Cardinals pitching revolution a large doubt mark, a group is deliberation all options. One of those options is to try to examine 27-year-old Bud Norris divided from a Houston Astros.

The Cards mislaid Kyle Lohse to giveaway group over a winter. Though Lohse has nonetheless to pointer with another team, GM John Mozeliak has called a chances of bringing a 16-game leader behind “negligible”. Another blow to their pitching abyss came final weekend when it was disclosed that series dual starter Chris Carpenter would approaching skip a whole deteriorate due to a shoulder injury. That leaves a outrageous hole in a rotation, and a usually possibilities to fill it right now are rookies.

The Astros have sent feelers around a joining recently in an bid to emporium Norris to a tip bidder. Norris is their tip pitcher, though Houston is not approaching to contest in a nearby future, so they are some-more than peaceful to pierce him for prospects. Norris is also set to collect a big compensate lift in 2014—another reason because a Astros would like to unpack him now.

Norris will make only $3 million in 2013 and should be deliberate a discount during that price. Though his win-loss record to date is unimpressive, he’s been stranded on terrible teams with really small offense for any of his 4 seasons in Houston. The Astros have averaged fewer than 4 runs per contest for 4 true seasons—an unimaginable run in today’s game. By contrast, a Cardinals haven’t been underneath 4 runs per diversion given 1995. A possibility of view would really do wonders for Norris’ record. The fireball-throwing right-hander has averaged 8.8 strikeouts per 9 innings during his career.

Picking adult Norris would be a extensive further to a Cardinals rotation, and it would concede their immature pitchers to mature for another year in a minors rather than having them rushed to a large leagues. It’s no tip that a Cardinals have copiousness of prospects to make this trade happen, as they have only been named a top plantation complement in baseball.

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