Testimony about Aurora museum sharpened continues for third day

CENTENNIAL — Prosecutors suggested Wednesday that Aurora museum sharpened think James Holmes took photos of a Century 16 museum a month before a Jul 20 massacre.

In introducing photos found on Holmes’ dungeon phone, prosecutors showed that on Jun 29, Jul 5 and Jul 11 Holmes took photos that enclosed a interior of a theater, doorway hinges and behind doors.

Wednesday is a third and final day of testimony in a rough conference for Holmes.

Arapahoe County prosecutors are presenting justification and a decider will confirm either there is adequate justification to ensue to trial. Holmes is indicted of murdering 12 people and injuring during slightest 58.

The Holmes invulnerability group has opted not to call any witnesses; it is approaching a conference will hang adult Wednesday morning.

In other photos introduced Wednesday, prosecutors showed images Holmes took of himself a night of a shootings.

In one, noted 6:22 p.m., he was wearing black hit lenses. His hair was painted red underneath a black cap, and he stranded out his tongue during a camera.

In another image, he is seen smiling with a nozzle of a Glock handgun in a frame.

Prosecutors told a justice they introduced a self photos since they assistance uncover Holmes’ “identity, concern and impassioned indifference.”

An picture Holmes took of himself on Jul 5 shows him posing with an conflict purloin and “a infancy of a tactical, ballistic gear” he had with him when he was apprehended, a declare testified.

Another print shows all of a rigging used in a conflict — a guns, a physique armor, helmet and gas facade — decorated orderly on Holmes’ bed.

The justice also listened Wednesday about equipment found during a sharpened scene.

When officers searched Holmes’ automobile in a parking lot, they found “road stars” — a spikes thrown on a belligerent to stop vehicles. They also found a used rip gas can, a Glock with a holster, 2 cases for prolonged guns, and

iPhone and a carryall bag.

Officials pronounced they found 4 gas masks, nonetheless usually dual belonged to Holmes.

It was also suggested that Holmes used a shave for securing a tablecloth to column open a doorway to Theater 9.

Later Wednesday morning, a charge is approaching to make a shutting argument.

The invulnerability team, led by profession Daniel King, told a decider Wednesday that a invulnerability “had a change of position” and will not call witnesses who could pronounce to Holmes’ mental state.

“Absent a finish waiver of privilege, a ability to benefaction such justification would be limited,” King said.

Testimony was romantic on Monday, with police officers testifying about initial divining Holmes and rushing to assistance victims amid a disharmony during a theater. Those benefaction saw notice video from that night.

On Tuesday 911 calls from Theater 9 were played, and law coercion testified about how Holmes had booby-trapped his possess and acquired guns and ammunition.

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