James Holmes rough hearing: Holmes’ self-portraits shown during hearing

CENTENNIAL — Black hit lenses darkened James Holmes’ eyes, and his Kool-Aid red curls spilled from underneath a black skullcap. His tongue jutted toward his camera phone as he snapped a photo.

Six hours later, bloody mayhem erupted in Century Aurora 16′s Theater 9.

Images downloaded from Holmes’ phone — him flashing a toothy laugh with a Glock handgun in a frame, a store of weaponry and rigging that military after found during a museum displayed cleanly on his bed — were displayed during a third and final day of Holmes’ rough hearing.

The 5 self-portraits, among a dozen images shown Wednesday in court, stood out as glimpses, perhaps, of how Holmes saw himself or wanted to be

seen by a world. They also supposing provender for a prosecutors who wish to try him for murder.

“They go to identity, concern and to impassioned indifference,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Pearson told a judge, who overruled a invulnerability conflict to a portraits being shown.

The rough conference finished dual days forward of schedule. Now 18th Judicial District Court Chief Judge William Sylvester contingency confirm possibly there’s adequate justification opposite Holmes to both ensue to conference and to reason him though bond until a box is resolved.

Sylvester has scheduled a justice date for Friday, that will be possibly a standing conference or an arraignment, depending on his decision. Holmes would have to enter a defence during an arraignment, after that prosecutors would have 63 days to confirm possibly to find a genocide penalty.

Holmes is indicted of murdering 12 people and injuring 70 others, possibly with gunfire or by promulgation them journey from a museum during a Jul 20 attack.

Prosecutors spent a week giving names to those numbers and portrayal clear images of how those people were killed or harmed by infrequently romantic testimony from a Aurora military officers questioning a massacre.

The cinema shown Wednesday strengthen a state’s avowal that Holmes delicately designed his conflict in sequence to do a many repairs possible, prosecutors say.

Blurry cellphone photos of museum interiors, behind doors, hinges and other sum were recovered from Holmes’ cellphone.

Using time-stamp information embedded in a cinema and cell-tower story data, Sgt. Matthew Fyles said, investigators dynamic a images were taken during a museum formidable on 3 apart scouting trips.

Holmes initial visited a museum Jun 29 and afterwards again Jul 5 and 11, Fyles said.

Prosecution justification purported Holmes kept a exit doorway to Theater 9 ajar with a mutated clamp typically used to reason a tablecloth to a cruise table.

The beginning self-portrait — one of Holmes clad in “a infancy of a tactical, ballistic gear” he after wore during a theater, with an AR-15-style purloin slung over his shoulder — was taken Jul 5, Fyles said.

Other photos showed explosve components displayed in his apartment.

Holmes apparently never published a images online or, as Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui did, sent them to media outlets.

Pearson forked out Holmes chose a difficult-to-escape plcae that would be packaged with people. Earlier testimony purported he bought 6,295 rounds in a months heading adult to a shooting.

“He went into a swarming theater. … He deployed rip gas in a museum and began sharpened indiscriminately,” Pearson said.

Evidence showed his AR-15-style purloin jammed.

“Had it not, he would have shot some-more people,” she said. “He positively had a ammunition to do so.”

The defense, on a other hand, pronounced really small Wednesday.

Previously approaching to call witnesses in Holmes’ defense, open defender and Chief Trial Deputy Daniel King had “a change of position” in partial since lifting issues of mental health would relinquish doctor-patient confidentiality associated to Holmes’ psychiatric treatment.

“This is conjunction a correct venue nor a time for us to put on a uncover or put on some kind of truncated defense,” King added. “This is not a trial.”

It’s not surprising for a invulnerability to abandon presenting justification that competence tip a palm during rough hearings where a judge, by law, contingency appreciate justification in a light many auspicious to prosecutors, pronounced Dan Recht, an gifted Denver rapist invulnerability attorney.

The photos of a museum and of Holmes only before a shooting, Recht said, could infer “a double-edged sword,” display possibly his cruel insusceptibility or his “severe oddness,” depending on who’s presenting a evidence.

“One can be violent and have intent in really minute plans,” Recht said. “If he was vital in a anticipation world, he could make skeleton — though in an violent fashion.”

Chantel Blunk, whose husband, Jon, died from gunshots to his behind and head, has attended each day of a justice proceedings.

For her, miss of justification ancillary Holmes’ side was a comfort.

“I was happy to see a invulnerability had zero to argue. It’s apparent they have nothing, and there’s no indicate in carrying a trial,” Blunk said. “What happens to him, we don’t care. we don’t caring about his destiny or his past.”

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