There are 8 possibilities who have filed for SD06


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On Friday we done an exploration with a Elections multiplication of a Secretary of State’s office, to ask how many possibilities had filed for a special choosing in SD06. They pleasantly forwarded me a indicate of all 8 claimant applications, that we can see here. (Stace and PDiddie reported on this yesterday afternoon. The usually mainstream media coverage of that we am wakeful came from La Voz.) Here’s what we can tell we about a 8 candidates, listed in alphabetical order:

Carol AlvaradoFacebookTwitter

Alvarado is a State Rep in HD145, in her third term. She served 3 terms as Houston City Council member in District we before that.

RW BrayFacebook

Bray was a Republican hopeful for SD06 in 2012, winning 29% of a vote. He was Chief of Staff for District A Council member Helena Brown before resigning in April.

Susan Delgado – No website, Facebook page, or Twitter account, as distant as we can tell.

Delgado was once the mistress of a late Sen. Gallegos. She subsequently ran opposite him twice, as a write-in in 2004 and a Libertarian in 2008. Despite that, she lists her celebration connection as “Democratic” on her application.

Sylvia GarciaFacebookTwitter

Garcia was County Commissioner in Harris County Precinct 2 for dual terms, and before that she was Houston City Controller for 3 terms.

Joaquin MartinezFacebook

Martinez is a initial time candidate, who once worked on a staff of former Council member John Castillo. Here’s a NewsFix report on him.

Dorothy OlmosFacebook

The webpage is for Olmos’ many new candidacy, as a Republican for SBOE 4. She runs for a lot of things – HISD Board of Trustees in 2011, and HD 143 in 2004, 2005 (special election), 2006, and 2008. The Facebook page is her personal page – a Facebook couple on her claimant page is broken; nonetheless there is a Twitter idol subsequent to it, there is no couple to a Twitter account.

Rodolfo Reyes

Reyes served one tenure on League City Council, from 1994-97. As remarkable by Stace and PDiddie, he did not fill in a celebration connection margin on his application.

Maria Selva

Selva was a Green Party claimant for CD29 in 2012.

As of Friday, there were no 30 day financial reports yet. We know that Garcia and Alvarado both had healthy amounts of income as of July. Of a possibilities that had to record reports for 2012, conjunction Bray nor Olmos reported any poignant supports on their 8 day reports from October; we did not find any financial reports for Selva on a FEC webpage. The perfect series of possibilities roughly positively guarantees a runoff, though we don’t trust it changes a energetic from what we’ve all famous it to be given a beginning, that this is a two-way competition between Alvarado and Garcia. PDiddie thinks Bray has a shot during a runoff formed on his display in November, though we don’t buy it. Bray got a votes of a people in SD06 who showed adult to opinion for Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz and afterwards stranded around to opinion downballot, as good as a true sheet R vote. Neither is in play in this race. The usually people who will opinion are those who a) know there’s an choosing and b) have a reason to opinion for one of a candidates. Unless Bray, or any other claimant not named Alvarado or Garcia, can lift a income to strech people who will opinion for him, or gets a boost from an outward celebration like a Harris County GOP, who is indeed going to uncover adult for him? we consider he’s a step forward of a rest of a container due to his candidacy in a prior election, though as PDiddie rightly records a R opinion will expected be separate between him and Olmos. we consider it’s an Alvarado-Garcia runoff in March, and any other outcome will warn me.



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