James Harden: What Star Must Do to Put Houston Rockets Back on Playoff Track

The Houston Rockets done a dash before a 2012-13 deteriorate began by trade for James Harden. For dual games, GM Daryl Morey looked like an comprehensive genius.

Last year’s Sixth Man of a Year endowment personality scored a whopping 82 points on 28-of-44 field-goal attempts and nailed 6 of a 14 three-point shots he took in those contests. He also averaged 7 assists, 6.5 rebounds and 2.0 steals.

However, Harden has extremely cooled given that span of victories. The starting sharpened ensure has been slumping, and his group has sunk with him. The Rockets have depressed to 3-3 as their star actor has unsuccessful to put adult points, find his range, lift down play and get teammates involved.

While it’s not wholly his fault—the Rockets’ register consists roughly exclusively of immature and fresh players—Harden is going to shoulder a censure for any failures this authorization has.

Let’s take a demeanour during what he can do to get behind a form he achieved during his sizzling start and lead this patrol to a postseason.


Take More Shots

While Harden has usually strike 23 of 71 field-goal attempts (4-of-23 from deep) if we take divided a initial dual games of a season, it’s transparent that a $80 million male isn’t removing a touches he needs.

In fact, manager Kelvin Sampson—an partner who is stuffing in for Kevin McHale during his leave for personal reasons—believes that there is something wrong with a complement that doesn’t have a best actor removing a possibility to make an impact.

He told John Rohde of NewsOK.com:

“You don’t wish James Harden in a approved offense,” Sampson said. “He has to learn to play in a flow, though sharpened is not an equal-opportunity proposition. If you’re on a group (and) your best actor is not removing a many shots, there’s substantially an issue.”

Expect a Rockets to find a approach to get their newest star a rock.


Make a Statement

The Miami Heat are streamer to Houston on Monday night, and it’s a ideal possibility for Harden to both redeem himself and infer to his new teammates that they can kick anyone.


Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s going to be a second leg of a highway back-to-back widen for a Heat, who play in Memphis on Sunday evening. Expect a Heat to be sap and vulnerable, a ideal event for a Rockets to strike.

Harden will apparently be instrumental in any intensity victory, so he’s going to need to figure out how to kick a group that kept him in check during a 2012 NBA Finals.

If he can do so, design a outrageous movement boost in Houston.


Don’t Give Up

Harden played his whole career with a tough Thunder patrol that featured dual of a best players in a league—Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Now he’s a tip dog and a usually other actor imitative a star on his patrol is Jeremy Lin—on whom a jury is still out. A infancy of a register consists of players in their early 20’s and still training a NBA game. They aren’t going to be critical contenders for during slightest a few seasons.

Harden needs to remember this and still give his all each night. He’s going to need to be a outspoken leader, as good as one that inspires by example. Eventually, these rookies and immature players will start doing a same and assistance pull a Rockets into a playoffs.



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