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The Houston Dynamo are only one of my winners currently who wear Orange. Check all my Streak for a Cash picks below. Here, fans honour members of Houston Dynamo including brazen Brian Ching (25) after a Dynamo degraded Sporting KC 2-0 in a MLS eastern discussion semifinals during BBVA Compass Stadium. Photo by Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Happy Veterans Day! Make certain to respect and appreciate a veterans in your life and village on this special holiday.

On ESPN Streak for a Cash, we’ll applaud with 23 picks from around a universe of sports. There’s of march a common container of NFL picks along with a small golf, tennis, and soccer early. After a packaged early line-up there’s some accumulation with a college basketball diversion on an aircraft conduit and some some-more tennis from London. Later in a day along with a rest of a NFL picks, there’s MLS Playoff movement and an NBA collect as well.

Here’s a picks we like a many and my certainty turn in them. Today’s research will be discerning though hopefully will still lead us to copiousness of green.

Streak picks for 11/11

8:30- Manchester City win: Man City is typically widespread during home and is 4-1-0 so distant this deteriorate during Etihad stadium. The Spurs have played good this season, though City will be looking to rebound behind after a unsatisfactory Champions League lift opposite Ajax. City has struggled recently though we consider they’ll get a win today. Confidence Meter: (out of 10)

9:15- Novak Djokovic wins 2-0: Djokovic has dominated this matchup historically and won 6 of 8 matches in a past. He’s won a final dual in true sets including a three-set compare in a US Open. Djokovic on tough justice is customarily a right pick. Confidence Meter: 5

1:00- New York Giants: Just wrote my NFL Picks in my weekly post (click here). Confidence Meter: 6

Nov 4, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers using behind Doug Martin (22) carries a turn opposite a Oakland Raiders during a O.co Coliseum. The Buccaneers degraded a Raiders 42-32. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

1:00- Tampa Bay Buccaneers: My NFL Picks are in this post any week (click here). Confidence Meter: 8

4:00- Syracuse: My Orange open their deteriorate aboard a USS Midway in San Diego. It’ll be an overwhelming sourroundings and a good approach to start a deteriorate for both teams. Both teams will be good, though ‘Cuse is aloft ranked and has a 2/3 section that could be heartless to fire over if a breeze picks up. Both a other Carrier games didn’t work out this weekend so this could finish adult as a lift if continue forced a diversion to b called. Confidence Meter: 3

4:15- Houston win: Houston is display their playoff knowledge so distant in a MLS playoffs and during home should be means to savage DC United in a initial leg of a Eastern Finals. The Dynamo won both games during home opposite United this deteriorate 1-0 and 4-0. Confidence Meter: 6

4:25- Dallas Cowboys: My NFL Picks are in this post any week (click here). Confidence Meter: 6

6:05- Miami Heat: Getting to take a Heat straight-up is unusual. Both they and Memphis are off to a good start and LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are both banged up. Wade might skip another diversion and James might be singular after knocking knees with Josh Smith in a Heat’s final game. we still consider Miami is a right collect here, though be wakeful of a factors concerned and see who’s in/out before tip-off. Confidence Meter: 4

Nov 4, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Chicago Bears fan celebrates his group scoring opposite a Tennessee Titans during a second half during LP Field. Chicago degraded Tennessee 51-20. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

8:30- Chicago Bears: My NFL Picks are in this post any week (click here). Confidence Meter: 3

8:31- Matt Schaub+Arian Foster: Cool prop. Foster and Schaub are substantially a improved collect here generally if a Bears invulnerability scores any points gripping Cutler+Forte on a sidelines. Confidence Meter: 4

9:10- Seattle Sounders win or draw: The Sounders and Galaxy accommodate in a initial leg of a Western Finals in LA. Seattle  won both games during home opposite LA (2-0, 4-0) though mislaid a diversion in LA 1-0. The Galaxy were means to lift off a dissapoint in a final turn opposite San Jose and will demeanour to do a same opposite Seattle, though we consider this diversion could simply be a lift so I’ll go with a improved group (slightly) removing a draw. Confidence Meter: 3

10:15- 20 points or fewer: I design this diversion to be all about defense. Confidence Meter: (pick theme to change. Follow us on chatter @FantasyCPR where I’ll let we know if a initial half changes a collect or my certainty in it)

November Numbers

Yesterday’s Results: 7-5

Total Record for a Month: 48-32

My Personal Entry: 18-8-0

Current Streak: W2

Longest Streak of a Month: W8

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