Bangladesh Muslims flame Buddhist temples over Facebook photo

Hundreds of Muslims in Bangladesh burnt during slightest 4 Buddhist temples and 15 homes of Buddhists on Sunday after angry that a Buddhist male had angry Islam, military and residents said.

Members of a Buddhist minority in a Cox’s Bazar area in a southeast of a nation pronounced unclear people were focussed on upsetting pacific family between Muslims and Buddhists.

Muslims took to a streets in a area late on Saturday to criticism opposite what they pronounced was a sketch posted on Facebook that angry Islam.

The protesters pronounced a design had been posted by a Buddhist and they marched to Buddhist villages and set glow to temples and houses.

Police pronounced they had deployed additional confidence army and criminialized gatherings in Buddhist-dominated areas.

“We brought a conditions underneath control before emergence and imposed restrictions on open gatherings,” pronounced Salim Mohammad Jahangir, Cox’s Bazaar district military superintendent.



Hundreds of Buddhists fled their southern Bangladesh villages in a arise of attacks by Muslims who burnt during slightest 10 Buddhist temples and 40 homes in annoy over a Facebook print of a burnt Quran.

Many people in primarily Muslim Bangladesh have been hurt in new days by a film done in California that mocks a Prophet Mohammad.

Muslims in Bangladesh and over have also been angry by assault over a limit in Myanmar where members of a infancy Buddhist village clashed with minority Muslims this year.



Bangladesh indicted Muslim Rohingya refugees from Myanmar on Monday of impasse in attacks on Buddhist temples and homes in a southeast and pronounced a assault was triggered by a print posted on Facebook that angry Islam.

Police had escorted a male indicted of posting a scornful sketch and his mom to safety, Jahangir said.

Sohel Sarwar Kajal, a Muslim conduct of a legislature in a area where a arson took place, pronounced he was perplexing to revive community peace.



A Bangladeshi Buddhist lady cries during a Buddhist church that was torched in an overnight weekend conflict in Ramu in a coastal district of Cox’s Bazar.The Buddhists started returning home Monday amid heightened confidence and some-more than 160 arrests.

“We are doing all probable to relieve tragedy and revive assent between a communities,” he told reporters.



A Bangladeshi Buddhist priest checks a stays of burnt eremite books during a Buddhist temple.



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