Around a NFC West: Gilbride follows up

The New York Giants’ alleviation opposite a San Francisco 49ers’ pass-rush twists played a purpose in their 26-3 feat during Candlestick Park in Week 6.

Around a NFC West: Oct. 15, 2012

San Francisco 49ers
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That done Giants descent coordinator Kevin Gilbride’s comments about 49ers defensive finish Justin Smith applicable after a game, not only before it. The approach Gilbride saw things, Smith had grabbed onto opponents, stopping their ability to hoop a pass-rush twists San Francisco used effectively opposite a Giants final season.

“I have good honour for their front, and we have unimaginable honour for a man [Smith], tremendous,” Gilbride told a New York Daily News after a game. But it [defensive holding] is something he does. He reaches out and grabs people.”

49ers manager Jim Harbaugh incited identical comments into inhabitant news with his response to Gilbride final week. Gilbride seemed to conclude a publicity, during slightest after a fact.

“It was great,” Gilbride pronounced after a game. “All of a sudden, now everybody in a nation saw it. It worked well.”

Smith and a 49ers had 0 sacks in a game. There were also no holding calls opposite a Smith or a 49ers’ defensive linemen.

Winners can contend what they wish, of course. Perhaps these teams will face any other once again.



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